PLJ Properties are in central Jesmond and all of the student houses are in Jesmond. We offer accompanied viewings of these student properties but are also happy with online viewings for people who are out of the area.  Let us know which student property in Jesmond you would like to view, when is the best time then once you’ve chosen your house everything can be done electronically and there are no fees to pay.

A Quick Note About Fully Inclusive bills

We’ve been asked why we don’t do fully inclusive bills and the answer is very simple. It is unfair to students and very costly to them also.
If the landlord does included bills you will see that the rent is greatly increased, sometimes as much as £45pppw to what we are charging for a similar property and there is no way that the bills would ever cost this much. If the cost of the supplies ends up greater than what the landlord has budgeted for then the tenants will have to make up the shortfall but if it is less then the landlord keeps the difference.
Companies like Split the Bills will give tenants a payment package based on what they use but please remember these companies whilst they are simple to use are making a profit out of you.
The most cost effective way to manage your supplies is to have them in all tenants names and use the supplies conservatively ie have heating timed to come on/off via the timer/thermostat provided and turning lights off when you go out.